Walking Holidays with Walk the Trail in 2022


2022 is the bounce back year the UK tourism industry has needed.  Bookings across the country for all types of holidays are up on previous years.  Whilst on one hand this is great, it does have a large impact on walking holidays.


Wherever possible, we arrange holidays that involve you walking inn to inn, door to door with as few taxi transfers as possible.  This year, due to the unprecedented accommodation demand, we are arranging holidays that may involve staying in 1 location for 2 possibly even 3 nights, with transfers to and from the path.


Whilst accommodations are busy, this does not necessarily mean the path will be.  Accommodations are sought by all sorts of visitors, so please do not think you’ll be queuing on the path. The paths will be just as beautiful as ever, so for 2022 should be the first focus of your holiday, with overnight locations a second priority.  If you prefer to give equal importance to both the walk and accommodation, then we strongly advise looking to walk late September or early October or book early for 2023.


Whilst this is not ideal, this can have some environmental benefits that you may wish to consider....


We have recently launched our Keen to be Green scheme reducing the carbon footprint of your walking holiday by staying in some locations for more than 1 night, and using buses to travel between path and accommodation and back again in the morning where the timetable allows (currently only applicable in Cornwall).  Walk the Trail provides you with the bus ticket (on an app).  Having partnered with Just One Tree, Walk the Trail will plant 1 tree for every bus journey taken instead of a taxi.  Other environment benefits of staying in 1 location for more than 1 night include reduced water usage as changing accommodations every night requires fresh bedding every day.


We hope you understand,



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Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented demand for accommodation in the UK, the website will not allow bookings giving less than 8 weeks notice.  If you're looking to walk sooner than this, please send us an enquiry.

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