Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of common questions we are asked at Walk the Trail. 

If you have a question that is not on the list, please contact us.

What is a self-guided holiday?

A self guided walking holiday gives you the freedom to walk at your own pace, whether on your own, or with your group. There is no-one there to tell you when to move on or stop for breaks. We provide you with maps and guidebooks; you decide your pace and set out on your own adventure, knowing that you have a comfy bed and a warm welcome awaiting you at your next accommodation. You can make the decision of how far you wish to walk in a day; our itineraries cater for all, from the novice first time walker to the more experienced trekker.

Can I walk on my own or is there minimum/maximum number allowed?

We can book a walking holiday for any number of people. If you prefer to get away from it all and enjoy a holiday on your own; we can arrange it (we do charge a supplement which covers the additional costs of rooms, guidebooks, maps, & luggage transfers, which would otherwise be shared amongst a group. If you are a single walker, but walking within a larger party, a lesser supplement is payable). If you would prefer to come along as a group, we have no maximum group numbers, although we may not be able to accommodate you all in the same B&B or some of the smaller hotels but we ensure you will all be in close proximity to each other to enjoy meeting up in the evenings.

Can I walk at any time of the year?

Of course you can, but obviously weather conditions can affect the enjoyment and safety of your walk. Many of the accommodations around the path are not open all season, but we will still source you the highest standard of places to stay. Unfortunately the only thing we cannot arrange is the perfect weather for your break! We suggest packing appropriate all weather clothing for your journey (see question - What do I need to bring on my trip).

What do you provide for me on my holiday?

We, at Walk the Trail give you the choice as to how much or how little you feel you need from us.  All our holidays come as standard with the following:

  • High Standard of Accommodation in B&Bs, inns and small hotels (en-suite where available)
  • Printed Day to Day Itinerary (including where relevant Tide, ferry, taxi and public transport information)
  • Printed & electronic copies of Accommodation Location Maps with online Links
  • Harvey Map(s)
  • Guide Book(s)
  • Luggage Transfers
  • Phone Line Support Between 9am-7pm 7 days a week
But, if you feel you do not need maps, guidebooks or a holiday pack posted out, and you're quite happy to print out the information you need from our secure walker's area, it is easy to remove them from the holiday and save yourself some money.  If you do not want luggage transfers, please send us an enquiry before booking and we can also take this off the cost.

How do I book my holiday?

Take a look at the varied choice of areas we cover, we have given a brief description of the sights and general information of each locality.  We try to have 2 to 3 itineraries for each area we offer depending on how far you'd like to walk each day.  Once you've chosen, read through what's included and decide whether you'd like maps, guidebook and a holiday pack.  All 3 items will affect the price of the itinerary, the amount varies depending on the number in your group and the area walked.  Click on Book now, and follow the step by step booking form.

How can I pay for my holiday?

The easiest way to pay for your holiday is using a debit or credit card.  We do not charge a processing fee for this.  We also accept payment by Bacs, International Bank Transfer and cheque.

Is your website safe and secure for payments?

Yes, is secure.  It runs on a HTTPS protocol, with an SSL verified by GlobalSign.  You can test and see the certificate at That means, all the data comes from, and goes to is encrypted.  This website uses a Stripe plugin to process payments, and the website of is secure too.

What if we want to pay individually?

We don't mind how you decide to break down the payments.  When you get to our 5 step booking form, on the last page, you'll notice you can make a part payment by splitting payments over multiple debit/credit cards.  We do ask that the total deposit amount is paid before we consider it a booking, and that all payments are made within the time specified in our terms and conditions.

When do I get the details of my holiday?

Immediately after booking, you will have access to our walker's area.  Here you will be able to manage your booking making any outstanding payments and view the itinerary you have booked.  Once all your accommodation has been booked, a tab within the walkers area called Accommodation will be active allowing you to view the accommodations we've booked for you as well as maps indicating the location of each.

Approximately 4-6 weeks before your holiday, we will post you out your holiday pack containing all the information you need to enjoy your holiday hassle free as well as maps and a guidebook.

I want to book a holiday that is slightly different to the ones you have on your website, can I ask you to make changes to suit me?

We specialise in tailor made holidays.  The itineraries you see on our website are our most popular itineraries from the past five years.  We can tailor any of these holidays to suit your needs including shortening or lengthening daily walks as well as detours and the addition of rest days if needed.

What if I have to change my dates or cancel my holiday?

Sometimes, you do have to change your plans, we understand this at Walk the Trail and therefore we ask that if this does happen, you should contact us as soon as possible. Please see our Booking Terms & Conditions for more information.

Do I have to carry my own bags during my holiday?

All you have to carry is a day bag whilst out walking, containing your maps, guidebooks, and your personal items (a camera is a must have, as you never know what photo opportunities may arise), some water and of course, a snack or two to keep you going onto your next destination.

We arrange for your main luggage to be transferred onto your next accommodation ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the end of your walking day. We ask that you keep your main luggage to a weight below 20kg per bag.

If you do not want luggage transfers, then please let us know.  We will be able to discount your itinerary accordingly.

What meals are provided on my holiday?

We book you into bed and breakfast accommodation only. If there are not many places to eat in that area and an evening meal is available at the accommodation, we will inform you that there is the option of booking an evening meal when we send you your holiday itinerary. You can then inform the accommodation direct that you wish to take advantage of that offer (further charges may be incurred). Many of the accommodations along your way can provide you with a packed lunch; these can also be arranged in advance through us at the time of booking, most accommodations do ask for a payment to cover these costs. However, there are many places along the walks we provide with excellent eateries, giving you the opportunity to try some locally sourced produce every day.

I have a vegetarian / restricted dietary requirement, will this cause a problem?

If you or a member of your party has any restrictions on your diet, please let us know and we can pass on those details in advance to the accommodation we are booking on your behalf. Most accommodations are able to cater their breakfasts for any dietary restrictions if given enough notice.

How do I get to my walking holiday?

For assistance regarding the best ways in which to travel to and from your walking holiday, please ask.  We prefer to advise individually, rather than advising all the same, as days of the week, time of the year and many other factors may impact on possible travel solutions.

This is my first walking holiday, how should I prepare for it?

We would suggest that you should have a good level of fitness. It is advisable to go for walks of differing lengths and where possible different terrains in the weeks leading up to your holiday. If you have just purchased your walking boots, start to wear them in a few weeks before you start your walk, as you don't wish to give yourself blisters. Make sure your feet are healthy also; many walkers have told us to cut your toenails before walking, as pressure on the undulating paths can cause problems! Have the appropriate clothing for the weather; always have your waterproofs with you, just in case they are needed. As one of our great modern explorers, Sir Rannulph Fiennes once said "There's no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing".