Why Walk the Trail?

Since we started in 2010, we have worked endlessly to make sure that we have the knowledge, dedication and experience you need to ensure a quality result every single time. Our team are able to offer some of the finest walking holidays around and we have a very strong relationship with local accommodation and transportation providers as well so you know you can trust in us to provide you with an experience that other companies just can't compete with.

So what can we do for you? We can plan every last detail for your holiday so all you need to do once you have booked with us is relax. When you contact our office, you will be put in touch with one of our friendly customer service team members. They will help you to put a package together as well as telling you everything you need to know about your stay. We will then organise this information in a card folder for you, which includes a location map for each night’s stay and information about local ferries, transfers and tides as well. It's no secret that we want to make this as easy as possible for you, and it's safe to say that we do just that.

In fact, over 50% of our customers are returning customers or come to us as a result of recommendations from our previous customers. This alone has given us the confidence and diligence we need to go above and beyond for anyone who wishes to book with us here at Walk the Trail, not to mention that our environmentally friendly approach is just one of the many reasons why our customers continue to trust in us for everything that they need. We also focus on keeping in touch with all of our accommodation providers, speaking with most of them on a week by week basis. For this reason, if you need somewhere to dine out at night, or if you want to visit somewhere special then all you need to do is ask our team and we will find out or arrange this for you. We have no start dates on all of our walks and we are always happy to assist you with any questions that you might have about us, our walks or our company so there is no guess work or confusion at any stage of the process.

We understand that taking a walk in an area that you don't know can be nerve-wracking. That is why we make it so you don't need to plan your walk at all, or how far you want to walk either. Our best matches will do all of that for you and we always make sure that your walk meets all of your personal needs and requirements before it is finalised. This allows you to start your very own adventure with the confidence you need to truly succeed.


Each itinerary can be found on our site and has been planned with walkers in mind; many of our routes have several options to choose from depending on your walking abilities. We always make sure that at every accommodation you have access to local restaurants or pubs serving evening meals, so you really don't have anything to worry about when you book your walking holiday with us.


Simply choose your itinerary and make your payment. We will handle everything else and we personally make sure that every holiday comes in the form of a pack with everything you need to get started. You will see the distance that you have for each day and you will also have a daily location map, with all of the accommodation locations clearly marked. In this pack, you will also have the times and dates of ferry crossings and tide times (if required), contact details of all your accommodation and additional services that you may require. In fact it will provide you with all that you need and so much more, so it has never been easier.

Friendly Accommodation

We put a lot of effort into making sure that we have a strong relationship with our customers but we also make sure that we have a strong relationship with our providers as well. In fact, we have been working with some of these providers for years now and this is just one of the many things that set us apart from our competition.
Nearly all of our accommodations are incredibly high in quality and they are run by family owned establishments as well. This means that we can provide you with all the local knowledge you need while you are in the comfort of their accommodation and you are always welcome to sample some of the homemade cakes and biscuits that are often available upon your arrival as well. You will also find that a lot of our establishments have a very close relationship with the local charitable organisations who work hard to maintain the very paths that you are walking.

Holiday Packs

As a specialist company, we have plenty of knowledge of the paths that we feature on our site. Let us handle all of the hard work while you enjoy yourself.

Our holiday pack contains all the information you need regarding the daily distances, difficulty, locations and ferry / tide times (if relevant to your individual walk). A separate page is contained within the pack for each night’s stay for the duration of your walk, with the addresses and contact numbers for each accommodation and any taxi transfers if needed. If your chosen location is limited regarding  its choices of places to eat in the evening, we would highlight this issue to you, and suggest alternatives, ensuring you have a warm and comforting meal at the end of your days walk.

When walking our routes we prefer using the ‘Trailblazer’ range of guidebooks. These books include everything you need to know about the local towns and villages through which you are walking, including ATMS, Post Offices and Tourist Information Centres, as well as sites of historic and cultural significance. This is given in plenty of detail, so you will know what there is to see and do in the area in which you are planning to stay.