Walk the Trail's
Responsible Tourism

We take our responsibility to the planet very seriously, and it has always been a prevailing aspect of our view when providing a sustainable tourism service. That is why:

1.  All of our routes take place on traditional pathways and roads, benefiting other travellers while also keeping them clear wherever possible.

2.  Over 70% of our customers arrive at their destination via public transportation. Of course, we can always offer you advice when it comes to getting from A to B.

3.  Most of the accommodations we book with are actually owned by families in the local areas with the individual properties having their own water, electrical, laundry and power consumption regulations in place.

4.  You will find that our local accommodations offer plenty of local produce and this includes pubs as well, so we are continually supporting the local fishermen and farmers.

5.  All the luggage transfers that are done under our company are handed by a luggage transfer company. They provide a single driver that will cover a very large area, thus reducing taxi fares and emissions as well.

6.  Our office is actually an insulated stable that has been specifically designed to ensure that energy saving is the number one priority.

7.  We do our best to manage all of our bookings online. This allows us to minimize printing wherever possible, and if printing is double sided, we always opt for the double sided option.

8.  We never post out brochures, and all of our customers can view our listed holidays online. If we do post, all of our paper and envelopes come from sustainable forests.

9.  When it comes to office supplies, we really do recycle as much as possible. We have bins for paper, card, cans, plastic and ink cartridges, so when you purchase through us, you are also doing your part to minimise the impact on the environment.

10.  Our office is located within easy reach of public transportation, and all of our staff utilise public transportation or car share to save on emissions.