Walking Solo or as part of a group

Are you a single walker?

Here at Walk the Trail we offer all our walking routes for single walkers, sole occupancy rates do apply, as our costs are usually quoted for two people sharing a room, which means that the costs of luggage transfers and any other additional costs are shared. However we ensure that we keep our rates competitive for our single walkers and the service we offer is at the same high standards we set for all our routes.

Our single walkers do have the opportunity to bring along an extra bag (walkers in groups are usually quoted for one bag each, unless otherwise requested at the time of booking), so you don’t have to leave your little luxuries at home. We realise that the decision to walk on your own can be daunting, but we do all we can to make sure your holiday is enjoyed at your pace, and with our expert advice, you will be sure to meet up and make new friends as you make your way along the paths and trails to your chosen locations each evening.

Our designated helpline numbers also allow you to walk safe in the knowledge that we are there with you every step of the way should you need us.

Are you walking as part of a group?

When deciding to walk as a large group, we know that the logistics can be over-whelming and very time consuming, especially for the person who has chosen to lead the group. Let the Walk the Trail team remove that stress and hassle from you. Based on your requests, we can compile an itinerary to suit your group, complete with luggage transfers, maps, guidebooks and daily location maps showing your accommodation each night.

Wherever possible we try and keep your group together, and where this is not possible we ensure that you are all staying in close proximity to each other, so you can always meet up in the evening and share the tales of the days walking with each other over a nice meal, as well as plan the next day’s adventure.

Should you require transportation between locations, we can arrange that too, with our dedicated team working to ensure that every member of your party has an enjoyable walking holiday. As an added incentive to book with us at Walk the Trail we also offer a discount on your complete holiday package if your group comprises of 5+ persons, which not only gives you all less to pay, but this also means you can treat yourselves to something special with the money you have all saved.