Why have us plan your self guided trip?

No guess work

Our self-guided trips can take a lot of the guess work and uncertainty out of walking a new route in an unfamiliar area, which can save you time and frustration.  You don't have to plan your accommodations, how far you are walking each day and what route best matches what you would like to see.  We plan each self guided itinerary to fit your individual interests and abilities and provide you with the information needed to make an educated choice of holiday, meaning you can start your adventure with confidence.

Thought out itineraries

Each itinerary that is shown our website has been planned taking into account the ability of walkers, access to the path and accommodation and evening meal availability.  We make sure every detail is covered, so you don't have to.

Simple process

All you need to do, is decide on an itinerary, make a payment and wait.  We do everything else.  With each holiday comes a holiday pack, containing all the information you will need.  Showing your daily distances, each accommodation with clear maps indicating their location, luggage labels, maps & a guidebook.  By making your payment to us, we manage every aspect of the holiday, meaning you arrive at each accommodation, provide your name and you'll be shown to your room.  All our accommodations are within easy walking distance of an evening meal.