Coast Path Holiday Finder
Start Anywhere on the South West Coast Path

Do you want to start or finish in a location we don't offer on one of our website itineraries?  Then simply use the drop downs below, to select start and finish locations, or a start location and number of days walking.  Our Coast Path Holiday Finder will provide you with a selection of itineraries for you to browse.

HOW THIS TOOL WORKS - The Coast Path Holiday Finder pulls information from 3 itineraries that we have written for the entire South West Coast Path in either direction.  The itineraries are based on a relaxed, standard and fast pace of walking that reflect other itineraries we offer.  Not all locations will generate the three options.  This is due to not all locations being visited by all 3 itineraries.  Examples are Pendeen, which can only be found on relaxed and fast paced itineraries or Ilfracombe, which can only be found on the relaxed paced itinerary.

This tool will display up to 3 results if selecting Start & Finish locations.  It will provide up to 6 results if selecting a Start location and Number of days walking.  Results range from short breaks of 3 days walking up to the entire coast path at a relaxed pace of 68 days.  It will also allow you to add rest days.

WHAT IT CANNOT DOOur Coast Path Holiday Finder cannot mix days of short and long distances.  It cannot generate itineraries with you walking on the first or last days.  More importantly, it does not calculate tides, whether ferries will be operating, or closures to the coast path such as Lulworth Firing Range.

IMPORTANT - This tool is designed for holidays starting and finishing in locations not available elsewhere on our website.  This tool should not be used to book itineraries that appear elsewhere, as we often have offers on our most popular holidays.